Construct 2 porting

Ported Back down to Construct 2 cause at this time Construct 3 isn't stable enough for full production use and is lacking a lot of useful plugins.


That's great, @erigatohishima! Thanks a lot for that!

I was looking for a way to easily port back to Construct 2 but couldn't find it. Have you ported it back manually?

I've added it to the "community client integration" list:


@endel, for the most part, the only difference between Construct 3 and Construct 2 is how it handles The Aces(Actions, conditions etc) the runtime is 1:1 with construct 2(Construct 2 uses a custom google closure compiler set to advanced mode tho so anything ES6 related breaks the minify/optimize process) so the only work I did was go thru the aces data from construct 3 and translated it back to construct 2s edit time API

this is excellent plugin,

however how can I change the "END POINT" property ( URL of Colyseus srv) from the C2 script itself,
now url needs to be hard coded through properties dialog which makes it very difficult to run both
debug and release versions of game, there is a need to contact two different servers.

It would be very handy feature to give the server URL as parameter to Colyseus.Connect( any server name here)
instead of editing xml file by hand:

<instance type="Colyseus" uid="3">