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RE: Getting cors error while hosting on colyseus arena (solved)

Hi @adistar, welcome! I wonder if you still have the same issue if removing app.use(cors())? The server does use CORS by default.

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RE: [C]pm2 + @colyseus/proxy Has been Error: socket hang up who can help me?

Hi @Bright, can you share more details about your environment?

  • Are you using PM2? How's your ecosystem config file?
  • Which Presence and Driver have you configured on your Colyseus server?
  • Which version of the proxy and Colyseus are you using?

If you can share the relevant pieces of source code it would be best. Cheers!

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RE: Destroy a room after a set duration if no one joined it (sovled)

Hi @LouisonDVC, I think you're looking for autoDispose=false:

I suggest resetting a timeout yourself to dispose the room after 1h during onCreate() and every onLeave(). You can use this.disconnect() to forcibly disconnect & dispose the room when that timeout gets executed.

Hope this helps, cheers!

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RE: Approach to avoid sharing sessionId? (sovled)

Hi @newbee, the possibility of cheating is going to depend on how the server receives and interprets the messages sent by the clients. You'd never act on behalf of "player 2" if "player 1" sent a message, for example. The sessionId's are meant to be shared so the client-side can know the identifier of each client and create the visual representation for them.

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RE: Mobx or immer/immutable adapter for colyseus.js

Hi @temka1234,

This is a good question, I know there are 2 experiments for Mobx integration with Colyseus' schema:

When decoding the state, the schema is capable of returning the array containing all changes - this is not exposed by the framework currently, though:

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RE: Schema with references to another declared elsewhere (sovled)

Hi @metiscoda,

You can't have circular dependencies between your schema files. Your KamadiTest is requiring KawadiPlayer, which requires KamadiTest again.

I suggest refactoring your structures so you don't have circular dependencies. Cheers!

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RE: Uncaught Error: ChangeTree: missing index for field "undefined"

Hi Maël, welcome! 👋

Are you using @filter() or @filterChildren()?

Can you please share your source-code with us, so we can have a bigger picture of the operations on MapSchema? I'm curious to see what's going on as I've never seen this error before!

Feel free to ping me on Discord (endel#2163) or email (endel[at]


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RE: npm start does not work on vps (sovled)

Hi @vishwasgagrani!

By the error message, it seems that devDependencies listed under package.json were not installed during npm install:

sh: ts-node-dev: command not found

If you use npm install --only=dev the development dependencies should be installed as well.

Let me know if that works for you!

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