Godot support

Is godot support planned?

Hi @Enriqueto, a Godot client is on the radar but I think there aren't many users right now to justify the time put into it.

Are you already using Godot or just considering it for the future @Enriqueto?


I'm considering it for a new project. I need to code the game in c++ and Godot is an option together with Cocos2dx. I'm not a big fan of it but I may end coding the game in Cocos2dx.

Hi, I've been using Godot for quite a while now and am currently looking to add multiplayer to my turn based game. I'd love to give Colyseus a go for it.

@endel I am also looking at using Godot for a new project. So a Godot integration would be nice.

+1 would be great to have native godot integration. Especially with html5 exported version.

+1 for godot support

+1 it would be great to have it working with Godot !!

Hi there, There is an alternative for those who want to use Godot with Colyseus. Here: (https://github.com/GodotExplorer/ECMAScript) you can find a javascript version of godot which can use npm packages. This way you can use the javascript / typescript version of the client.