There is a good collision engine for a tile based game that can integrate well with colyseus?


I'm working on a tile based game and now I need to find how to make collisions.

I'm trying to find a good engine that can run on node and can be used with

Does someone has a good recommendation.

Thank you

Hey @ellipticaldoor!

There are a couple of options out there. This one looks perfect: (haven't used yet, though)

Depending on what your gameplay looks like, you can use a pathfinding library and avoid checking collisions, since the path finder won't allow it:

Maybe for your scenario having physics would be overkill. Some JavaScript packages that play nice on browser + node are MatterJS, p2.js and of course Box2D.

Hope this helps! Feel free to create a "showcase" thread here to share your progress! Cheers!

Thank you @endel ! I will take a look on the weekend