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Colyseus Client

  • Hello,

    I'm using colyseus since a few weeks and I was looking for a tools that help me to debug my rooms server. I can't found anything so I've developed a web client based on colyseus-js and react.
    I want to share it with the community :

    1. To help other dev to develop their colyseus server.
    2. Gather feed back and improve my tool.

    So, feel free to send me feed back and improvement.

    Thanks a lot

  • administrator

    That's pretty cool @GuillaumeLe, thanks for sharing.

    The purpose of your tool looks similar to the monitoring panel I've released yesterday! (

    Maybe we can combine the features somehow. Cheers!

  • I've just seen your dashboard and it's look pretty good :)

    I'll have a look on your code later to see if some feature are redundant.
    However, the purpose of the tools seems to be quite different.

    • Your dashboard looks awesome to monitor and manage rooms and server on backend side.
    • My client is more like a Postman client. It helps to debug server without having a fully workable game client.


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