Management system for server

What method would be for the server to perform certain actions in a room (send users message, kick user, ..) depending on certain triggered events?

I was thinking of solitude by using a list system, like Redis for example, but I just do not know if it's optimal, like if I had 1000 rooms, it would mean having 1000 lists, one for each room.

As a management system for the server.


Hi @rscata,

It would be awesome to have a web panel which its possible to perform this type of actions. I was playing around with some ideas but still don't have anything usable yet. Let me know if you have something already!


I have not yet done, if i'm going to do i will announce you.

Thank you
Have a nice day

Hi @rscata, I've released an experimental version of a monitoring system for Colyseus:

alt text

It's not looking good, but it sort of works. I'm using React for the front-end. It's quite easy to extend. Feel free to propose changes and features if you'd like to. I haven't deployed this on production yet, not sure how the performance would be having high traffic on the server.


@endel thank you very much