Which files from colyseus examples to upload to Arena?(solved)

I am trying to get the colyseus examples working at Arena hosting. when trying to upload the map it counts > 6000 files...... probably a lot is already implemented in Arena, i suppose. In fact, my question is how i get https://github.com/colyseus/colyseus-examples working on Arena? (on local server it works)

Hi @Terradon, welcome 👋

After running npm run build, you can upload the lib/ diretory to Arena and it should work!


On local machine it works, but after uploading /lib, deployment and reboot it does not work on Arena. Page says: Bad Gateway


Hi, is there any logs when you deploy your server?

next week i will try again and will post a fresh log then:)

log from Arena:
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Colyseus 0.14.18_Node-14.17.3-Buster_uWS_WS_RD_v2: Listening on ws://ih6o1f.colyseus.de:2567
8565bc97db-h2mzw | INFO : Arena-Config: Attempting Pre Listen Functions
8565bc97db-h2mzw | INFO : Arena-Config: Attempting Custom Game Server Rooms
8565bc97db-h2mzw | ✅ uWebSockets.js + Express compatibility enabled
8565bc97db-h2mzw | No Transport provided... Arena is Defaulting to uWS
8565bc97db-h2mzw | INFO : Your Colyseus App
8565bc97db-h2mzw | INFO : Arena-Config: Custom File found.
8565bc97db-h2mzw | NODE_ENV has been overridden to 'production'
8565bc97db-h2mzw | }
8565bc97db-h2mzw | "NODE_ENV": "production"
8565bc97db-h2mzw | {
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Arena-Env (arena.env):
8565bc97db-h2mzw | --- Completed Prelaunch ---
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm WARN using --force Recommended protections disabled.
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm notice
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm notice Run npm install -g npm@8.6.0 to update!
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm notice Changelog: https://github.com/npm/cli/releases/tag/v8.6.0
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm notice New major version of npm available! 7.24.0 -> 8.6.0
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm notice
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Run npm audit for details.
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm audit fix --force
8565bc97db-h2mzw | To address all issues (including breaking changes), run:
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | npm audit fix
8565bc97db-h2mzw | To address issues that do not require attention, run:
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | 4 vulnerabilities (3 low, 1 moderate)
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | run npm fund for details
8565bc97db-h2mzw | 10 packages are looking for funding
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | added 21 packages, removed 103 packages, changed 2 packages, and audited 214 packages in 28s
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | lerna success Bootstrapped 0 package
8565bc97db-h2mzw | lerna info Symlinking packages and binaries
8565bc97db-h2mzw | lerna info Bootstrapping 0 package
8565bc97db-h2mzw | lerna notice cli v4.0.0
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | > lerna bootstrap
8565bc97db-h2mzw | > boot
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | > npm run boot
8565bc97db-h2mzw | > postinstall
8565bc97db-h2mzw |
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Running NPM Install...
8565bc97db-h2mzw | New Package JSON merge completed
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Adding Org Workspaces
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Skipping item: colyseus - cannot be updated on package.json.
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Skipping item: @colyseus/monitor - cannot be updated on package.json.
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Skipping item: @colyseus/arena - cannot be updated on package.json.
8565bc97db-h2mzw | }
8565bc97db-h2mzw | superagent: '^3.8.1'
8565bc97db-h2mzw | 'serve-index': '^1.8.0',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | express: '^4.16.4',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | cors: '^2.8.5',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | colyseus: '^0.14.23',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | '@colyseus/monitor': '^0.14.22',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | '@colyseus/arena': '^0.14.24',
8565bc97db-h2mzw | {
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Adding Dependencies
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Found new package json to merge
8565bc97db-h2mzw | Check / Merge Override Package JSON
8565bc97db-h2mzw | 'arena.secret.env' does not exist.

The server seems all good. Please check your target url on client side.

If i go to https://ih6o1f.colyseus.de page says bad gateway, but when i use https://ih6o1f.colyseus.de/01-chat.html it works, so I have to investigae why the listingpage is not showing up.


It works~


Hi, i have a question i have two folders one for the client side and the other for the server side , to make my project run on arena i should merge the client and the server folders ? or i can upload each one separatly ?

If you want Arena (Express) to host your game client, put client files in the output folder of Colyseus and make sure your server can find it correctly, otherwise please upload each folder separatly.

@COCO Hi , thank you for your response , I have two projects, a threejs project on the client side and a colyseus project of course on the server side, I should upload the lib of each project in the server code, is that it if I understood correctly? for the moment I use the indie/dev plan to understand how arena works before switching to the paid plan.