What is best way to upgrade for client and server colyseus? (sovled)

Hi everyone,

I used colyseus.js 0.13 on cocos creator for mobile and I also used colyseus 0.13 on my server. And both of them run on live. Recently, I have plan to upgrade to new version colyseus for both.

But I dont know what is best way to upgrade for both that dont affect a lot to our system ?

Can anyone give me some ideas,please?

I'd like to update my project by following steps below:
1, Confirm that the upgrade is nessary.
2, Back up your project (both server and client).
3, Update Node.js and NPM to the latest version.
4, In development environment:
for the server: npm install -g colyseus@latest
for the client: download the latest version and setup manually
5, Run and check if everything works well.
6, Deploy your project to production environment.
7, Run and check if everything works well.

Hi @ttcong194, there's a migration guide available here: https://docs.colyseus.io/colyseus/migrating/0.14/

@COCO @endel thanks for your reply.
Can the client that use colyseus.js 0.13 work properly with the server that use colyseus 0.14. And Is colyseus support backward compatibility ?
In my opinion, the process that upgrade for server can happen easily. But for client, the process depend on rollout update of every store. That mean some users with old version or some user dont accept to update new version can't connect to server that update new version.

I think colyseus is not 100% backward compatible.
Update the server only may cause issues on old clients.