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New beta.18.1 was released!
Between the new features we have:

  • Sounds system: now you can create different sound categories to group different sounds or music (for example environment sounds, scene music, etc.), assign sounds to any game event or any animations (in the demo you will find the scene music for the town and the footsteps as animation related sound), turn on/off general sound categories or per-player config.
  • Mini-Map: small mini-map of the current scene, configurable in size and shape.
  • Aggressive enemies: when reach the an enemy area it will hunt you!
  • Initial scene/world selection: available by configuration when you create a new player or even after every login, this will set the base for a server selection feature and improve scalation (you will be able to easily split the game in multiple servers for different rooms).
  • Other improvements in the events manager, in the life-bar configuration and some bugs fixed.

Web and docs:
Open Source Project in GitHub:
Skeleton App for starters:



Stay tuned! Admin Panel is coming!


New Beta released! Follow up!

Change log:


Admin Panel: (login with any registered email and password in the game)

WOW! That's so wonderful!

Hello everyone!

Long time without posting any updates here, I'm still alive!

We are on Beta.24 already and you can find the full post about it here:

As always feel free to reach me! I would love to get any feedback.

Hope you like it!

Change log: Releases · damian-pastorini/reldens · GitHub


Admin Panel: Reldens - Administration Panel (login with any registered email and password in the game)