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  • Hi There
    I want to make a poker game, and players will have their private cards, and don't want share with other clients. can we store cards in state and only send to specific user ?

  • Maybe I can use @nosync to cards, and make a private msg to cards owner ?

  • Make the clients listen to their own cards something like:

  • administrator

    Hey @gabrieltong, welcome!

    I'd suggest sending the private data you're not synching directly to the only client that should've access to it. I'm using exactly like this on a game I'm currently working on:


    this.send(client, ['cards', privateCards]);


    room.onMessage.add(function(message) {
      let [type, data] = message;
      if (type === "cards") {
        console.log("your cards are:", data);

    @jalu's suggestion is handy, but if the user spends some time in the developer console he might retrieve the hands of the other players in order to cheat in the game.

  • Thank you man @endel @jalu
    I think It's perfect to use
    nosync and room.send together.


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