private state

Hi There
I want to make a poker game, and players will have their private cards, and don't want share with other clients. can we store cards in state and only send to specific user ?

Maybe I can use @nosync to cards, and make a private msg to cards owner ?

Make the clients listen to their own cards something like:

Hey @gabrieltong, welcome!

I'd suggest sending the private data you're not synching directly to the only client that should've access to it. I'm using exactly like this on a game I'm currently working on:


this.send(client, ['cards', privateCards]);


room.onMessage.add(function(message) {
  let [type, data] = message;

  if (type === "cards") {
    console.log("your cards are:", data);

@jalu's suggestion is handy, but if the user spends some time in the developer console he might retrieve the hands of the other players in order to cheat in the game.

Thank you man @endel @jalu
I think It's perfect to use
nosync and room.send together.