Hi Everyone

Been working on Archnemesis for a while now and it is finally in open beta.
alt text – a fast-paced,online browser deathmatch. Go online with your friends and find your ARCHNEMESIS

How can we get in
Just visit:

If you have any feedback or just want to chat with us.
Join our discord:

Any suggestion and feedback is always welcome.

The screenshot looks awesome, @Tyrus-Shan, congrats!

I've tried to play but there aren't many users for match-making yet, I suppose. I'd suggest adding bots to allow users to play by themselves while people are still discovering this game.

Yes, same here, even tried to open two browsers and even doing that wasn't able to access :(

Thank you for the comments we are working on the bot scripts :) .

the link don't work for me :(

Hi guys

I just recently updated archenemsis it now has somewhat playable bots :).

Hi Guys

Feel free to give and feedback if you tried and played the game :).