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Colyseus Objective-C Client

  • Hi guys.
    I discovered Colyseus a while ago while trying to find a library to simplify my online game creation workflow. However, as you know, the main clients are for Javascript and C# (Unity).

    I'm mainly an iOS developer, so I thought I might do some contribution, just in case.

    GitHub : Colyseus-ObjC

    So, here's my translation of the C# Unity client into Objective-C.
    The Fossil delta algorithm is taken from the C++ library someone did for Cocos2D.
    Websocket communication is done via the PSWebSockets library.
    MessagePack decoding is done by the MPMessagePack library.

    It's still a work in progress for sure, I haven't done a lot of testing on it, but so far, state synchronization works, and basic messaging seems to work for me.

    Colyseus is a very useful tool, and I would like to see more interpretations of it in other languages, too.

  • administrator

    This is great @swittk! Thanks a lot for sharing! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Added it to the community client list :tada:


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