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Reference room by room ID

  • Hi! I was wondering, is it possible to reference a room from room ID, say send message to all clients in room?
    I have different classes for state, entites, players etc which don't have reference to the parent room class and therefore can't use 'send' method within those classes.


  • administrator

    Hi @veggis,

    You may store the room reference on those specific entities by using @nosync.


    import { Room, Client, nosync } from "colyseus";
    export class Player {
      x: number;
      y: number;
      @nosync client: Client;
      @nosync room: Room;
      constructor (client: Client, room: Room) {
        this.client = client; = room;
      sendSomething (data: any) {, data);

    This way, the client and room properties won't be synched to the client-side.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks alot @endel

  • @endel Sorry to bother you, but could you give an example with js?

    I'm using babel to transcribe decorators, which is working but not for variables.

  • After some digging around in the docs I got it. Defining objects non-enumerable does the trick.

  • @veggis have you a sample in JS with non enumerable property?

  • @lezanardi

    function setEnumerable(object) {
        let private = {};
        for (let key in object) {
            Object.defineProperty(private, key, {
                value: object[key],
                enumerable: false,
                writable: true
        return private;

    Will return the passed object with all the items non-enumerable.


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