Communication between rooms without using redis (solved)

hello I hope you are well, I have a question about the communication between the different rooms, indeed I start from the concept that a server can support several rooms and I want to communicate the rooms between them, I I saw in the documentation that to make the rooms communicate with each other you have to use a presence server, there I am a little disturbed because for the load distribution and the management of the servers I want to use arena, so to make my rooms communicate Is it mandatory to go through the presence server?

Hi Chaimae,

Yes, I think you need presence to communicate between rooms. By default, Colyseus uses LocalPresence, but it's for one single machine.

When using Colyseus on multiple processes and/or machines, you need RedisPresence.

Hi @coco
Thank you for you replay ,for my project I want to use colyseus open source to establish communication between the server client and for the management of different rooms afterwards I want to use arena for servers and load balancing in this case I only use LocalPresence?

LocalPresence is for one machine only, it's handy in development environment;
In production environment, you need load balancing between mutiple servers, then you use RedisPresence.
The main purpose of RedisPresence is server scalling.

thank you for your answer, it's clear to me, I have anotherquestion, you don't have a tutorial or a project that implements the concept of presence with a arena server config, the documentation is not too clear to me


For server scalling or load balancing, you usually don't need to know how presence actually works.
"With the help of Redis Presence, my game servers are scalling and balancing automaticlly." is enough.

For communication between rooms, there's a build in room Lobby, in which presence is used so that we can see which room is created and which room is disposed.

thank you for your answer, it's clear to me.