[C]Cors Issue , connect to remote server from webgl

Hi , already tested , doesn't fix

@rs try to replace * with your domain.

Same message :/

ok then it's late here, I will help to test it tomorrow. see you tomorrow.

Ok thanks

I tried with and without header ( the settings are in the main post of the thread ), put logs before the connection request (directly in the colyseus code) to display the headers, they are empty or show only my settings set but nothing about "*, *", and my local wamp server has no CORS rules ... and fresh install

"*, *" means that there are 2 same headers in the request. there must be some settings or codes put them in the header I think.

I already checked the headers sent by colyseus , but there is no duplicated header.
And my local server ( from fresh install ) have no rule about allow cross origin but sent "," like the remote server

Please have a look at this problem @endel .

I found this: