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MapSchema items don't get to the client

  • Hello, It’s the first time I’m using Colyseus and I ran into problem.

    The code for both client and server is written with Haxe. Also I had to switch to alpha 0.14 because Haxe client didn't tolerate “none” states on 0.13.

    I have a MapSchema in state. Whenever I update the map, it gets updated properly on the server and onStateChanged event is raised on the client, but the map on the client itself remains empty and consequently on{Add,Remove} events don’t appear.

    I have the following code:

    Room handler

    import kakto.common.schema.WalkableState;
    class Walkable extends Room {
      override function onCreate(o:Map<String, Dynamic>) {
        setState(new WalkableState());
      override function onJoin(client:Client, ?o:Map<String, Dynamic>, ?auth:Dynamic) {
        (state:WalkableState).players.set(client.sessionId, new Player());
        return null;


    Schema file is common for both client and server with packages changed using conditional compilation. Maybe this is the root of the problem?

    #if hxnodejs
    import colyseus.server.schema.Schema;
    import io.colyseus.serializer.schema.Schema;
    import io.colyseus.serializer.schema.MapSchema;
    class Player extends Schema {}
    class WalkableState extends Schema {
      // There may be anything instead of `Player` type
      #if hxnodejs
      @:type({ map: Player })
      @:type('map', Player)
      public var players = new MapSchema<Player>();
      #if hxnodejs
      public function new() {}


    room.onStateChange += (state:WalkableState) -> {
      trace(state.players); // always empty Map
    // these two don't get called at all
    room.state.players.onAdd = (player, id) -> {
      trace('$id joined');
    room.state.players.onRemove = (player, id) -> {
      trace('$id quit');


  • administrator

    Hi @kotwys, welcome 👋

    The version 0.14 is not yet implemented in Haxe, if you're interested in migrating to 0.14 because of the "none" serializer, I'd suggest using the workaround instead - which is to use a dummy schema as your room state:

    class State extends Schema {
      @type("string") dummy: string;
    // ...
    onCreate() {
      this.setState(new State())

    I'll let you know here once the new schema decoder is available in Haxe, it's probably going to happen next month!


  • Okay, then I’ll wait. I ran ahead a little :)

    Thank you @endel for you work!


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