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OnMessage vs OnChange Based Performance

  • Hello guys,

    I am new to using Colyseus, and I am making a turn based game.

    I have a question about good practices for good performance.

    When produces a turn change, or to communicate that there is a winner...

    how should it be done? Is it better to deal with broadcast messages to all users or put a room.state.onChange callback on the client side and hear changes in different status properties?


  • administrator

    Hi @TheRedHead, welcome!

    That's really up to you. Here's the major difference from using a message or the state:

    • The data in the state will remain there when new players join, or a player disconnects & reconnects back to the game.
    • The state is broadcasted automatically at every "patch interval" (default is 50ms - see docs)
    • Messages are sent immediately, and only once. There's no built-in way to re-send a particular message when a player disconnects & reconnects for example.

    Hope this helps,

  • thanks for your answer!!


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