Help! IPC timed out. method: undefined, args:

My Project Typescript and Colyseus (Cocos Creator Client)

Colyseus-Proxy Port 3001
Server Port 3000
Redis and MongoDB Presence

Using 1 Proxy (Port 3001), 1 Server(Port 3000)

But CreateRoom after always "IPC Timed Out" Error!

What's Wrong?

error message:
IPC timed out. method: undefined, args: [...]

Help Me!

How to Shutdown and Restart Server Redis Presence Data Clean?

Always Manual Clean Redis Data?

Hi @endel

Thank You

But I find it (Server.js, 91) discovery_1.unregisterNode() function not working in gracefullyShutdown function

Only Me?

@cooul can you post the stack trace and your system details (OS, Node version) as a comment on this thread?


@cooul Hi, i meat the same situation. that is because you just ctrl+c to terminate the node process. you should make some post method to trigger the graceful shutdown. this function will remove the room info from your redis.