Would you guys support Corona SDK client?

Would you guys support Corona SDK client?

Hi @kchecker,

With the recent release of the Defold lua client, it should be pretty straightforward to support Corona SDK too. (we used to have a client for Corona SDK in an early version)

The major concern is reusability of the core "classes". Every LUA-based platform uses its own plugin/module system with makes it harder to reuse code.

I was thinking of two approaches:

  1. Having a single repository for all LUA-based clients (Defold, CoronaSDK, maybe love2d?), and having a script that creates a ZIP file containing the necessary files to run on each of these platforms.

  2. Having a separate repository for each LUA client and use git submodules for shared libraries (such as MessagePack and FossilDelta). Unfortunately, the "download zip" feature from GitHub does not include git submodules in the final archive.