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New Room (SOLVED)

  • I tried this method, but if it's false, I get the message "server error: join_request_fail" and do not create a new room.

  • administrator

    @rscata can you provide an example of when you want to create a new room? Maybe you should register a new room name instead - having a different condition for requestJoin().


  • Let's say I have a poker game what contains some game rooms. At this point I want to offer two posibilities:

    1. To join one of the rooms that is already created and has not reached max player limit.
    2. To reate a new room and join it.

  • administrator

    @rscata I see. Thanks for the explanation. I've tested the code below and it works as you described.


    maxClients = 4;
    onInit (options) {
      // identify when a new room is being requested
      this.create = options.create || false;
    requestJoin (options) {
      if (options.create) {
        // creating a new room
        let allowed = (options.create == this.create);
        // this room is not being "created" anymore.
        this.create = false;
        return allowed;
      } else {
        // joining an existing room
        return this.clients.length > 0;


    // creating a new room
    let room = client.join("poker", { create: true })
    room.onJoin.add(() => { /* created! */ })
    // joining an existing room
    let room = client.join("poker")
    room.onJoin.add(() => { /* joined! */ })
    room.onError.add(() => { /* no rooms available? */ })

    I feel it should be easier to achieve this, though.

    For next versions of Colyseus, I think it's important to know when a room is being created or is an existing one during onInit / requestJoin (like we're doing ourselves on this.create)

    Let me know if you have any question. Cheers!

  • Thank you for explanation.This solution works great, but I still got a problem when I'm trying to join a room by roomId. I read in documentation about that.

    // connect the client directly into a specific room id
    let room = client.join('H1gbitW3Pf');

    And I got this error:

    server error: Error: no available handler for "H1gbitW3Pf"

  • administrator

    @rscata thanks for reporting. This was actually a bug. It has been fixed now on version 0.8.12.


  • Thanks for support
    If we still have some problems or have questions, can we contact you?

  • administrator

    @rscata sure, feel free to post here if you need any help!

  • administrator

    Hey @rscata, I've just released a new version (colyseus@0.8.13, see release) which adds the isNew parameter on requestJoin. With this version you'd be able to achieve the same result by having this implementation:

    // ...
    maxClients = 4;
    requestJoin (options, isNew) {
      return (options.create && isNew) || this.clients.length > 0;
    // ...

  • This post is deleted!