Strange error 'code = 12, error = "ossil-" ' on Defold when joining server

Hello, I've upgraded colyseus from 0.12.x to 0.13 both on my game server and client (made with defold), now I'm getting this strange error as soon as I join the server:


  DEBUG:SCRIPT: join error in chars_select: 
  { --[[000001A7D6D041C0]]
    code = 12,
    error = "ossil-"

Generated by this code:

client:join_or_create("authroom", {username = username, password = password }, function(err, room2)
	if (err ~= nil) then
		print("join error in chars_select: ")
	isConnected = true
	room = room2

Then nothing happens until I close the client, and only in that moment, the server closes the Room.

I've tried to find some reference to this error code or description. The only thing I've found is that, maybe, 12 equals with "room left". I got it from github repo search, looking for "code 12".

Does anyone know what's happening to my game?
Thank you in advance!

could ossil be Fossil?

Hi @MrFasolo97,

@chsqn has made a pull-request today fixing a mistake in the protocol codes for the Defold client. (

I'm going to double-check the Defold client now and let you know

I've just created a 0.13.1 tag on Github so you can assign it to your Defold project. Let me know if that works for you. Cheers!

Yeah, now I don't get that error anymore, I've got some other errors, probably only caused by my old this.send(client, message) functions. When I'm done upgrading all my code we'll know for sure, but for now it seems fixed. Thanks!
Yeah, it's fixed. Thank you again!