Match maker doesn't work across multiple servers

Hi guys,
I'm using colyseus for my online games and want to scale up multiple servers. I have 2 instances running with redis presence. My client C1 joined room R1 on the first instance, then I want client C2 (connected to second instance) to join room R1 but it not worked. Any solution for this ? Is there anyway to make the match maker work across servers ?

Hi @namnhq, have you had a look at the scalability + proxy docs?

Basically you need to have the proxy as public endpoint, and the proxy will manage to forward the connection to the right process.


Hi @endel , thanks for quick response.
If I understand correctly, dynamic proxy is a load balancer for colyseus instances. I organize my servers like below:
alt text

Client 1 (C1) has joined room L1
Client 2 (C2) has joined room L2

I want the two clients to join the same Game Room, for example G1. So I wonder if redis presence can solve this problem ?
Many thanks

Hi @namnhq, absolutely, when using @colyseus/proxy you'll need to use both RedisPresence and MongooseDriver to allow the nodes to communicate with each other, and the proxy to forward the connection to the right process.

It works, many thanks @endel