Update and Fix the babylonjs mutliplayer boilerplate


I'm trying to make a multiplayer game with baylon.js and the boilerplate is the only thing that was like a demo.

It doesn't work currently, as the function that should add another player's sphere is broken in the client index.ts file.

And I'm pretty sure it is made with colyseus 0.9x and not 0.10x and I was wondering if it could be updated and fixed.

I'm such a noob with server-side programming. I'm more of a client-side guy.

Thanks for any help, Givo.

Hi @Givo, I'll update that example tonight, thanks for letting me know about it. Cheers!

Sure no problem! Always happy to help.

Hey @givo, I've updated the babylonjs-multiplayer-boilerplate project to use Colyseus 0.10 and BabylonJS 4.

Live demo: https://babylonjs-multiplayer.herokuapp.com/

Also added a very simple movement controls for the player, without any smoothing or prediction. Feel free to use it and improve it to fit your needs!


Thanks a lot! Works great!

Hmmm... I dont see how you ever get smooth movement by just setting the position in the onChange event.

Are there NO examples on smooth movement ???