Just beginning, seek advice for setup on CentOS dedicated server


I'm trying to set up Colyseus on a dedicated server, and hitting this error when execute "npm start": Compilation of uWebSockets has failed and there is no pre-compiled binary available for your system. Please install a supported C++11 compiler and reinstall the module 'uws'.

Seems uws needs gcc at 4.8 or higher, and the server is at 4.4.7. So far my attempts to work through getting it updated with my hosting provider aren't going too well, but will keep trying. My efforts to use the devtools-2 created by Tru at http://people.centos.org/tru seem to hit one snag after another mostly due to permission issues. I've asked my host for su status, and await their next message.

At the same time, I'd appreciate any advice and/or pointers to any Colyseus-related information or documentation targeted at beginners to the linux and node.js world. In all my searching I'm not quite sure if I should rely on anything from many years ago, especially since I don't know enough to filter out what's outdated.


I wasn't having a ton of luck compiling uws. For me, I downgraded from node 9 to node 8.9.3 and uws started working for me again.

Thanks for your reply @seiyria.

I'm thinking on using ws by default (which is written in pure JavaScript) instead of uws.
uws take some time to compile and I've seen many users having problems installing it on Windows and other environments.

It should be possible to provide a uws instance for the websocket server if you'd like to, though, for production.

I'll post an update on this thread soon. Cheers!

Version 0.8.2 is now using ws by default. See the release notes for more details. Cheers!