About data when using Presence API

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Hi, I read the thread but I'm unsure about what I understand.
If we set data on Redis using:
Will the data be lost when the Room is disposed?
I think the data should be there until we manually delete it right?

If the data is lost when the Room is disposed, but I want the cached data to be still available, should I create a stand alone Redis client, and use the raw Redis API to cache data?
Please suggest... Any help is much appreciated! 😃

Hi, @itoonom, welcome!

If you're using Visual Studio Code, you can Right click + Go to definition (F12) on the RedisPresence, and redis.ClientOpts, which you'll see all accepted config values for RedisPresence constructor, which are:

export interface ClientOpts {
    host?: string;
    port?: number;
    path?: string;
    url?: string;
    parser?: string;
    string_numbers?: boolean;
    return_buffers?: boolean;
    detect_buffers?: boolean;
    socket_keepalive?: boolean;
    no_ready_check?: boolean;
    enable_offline_queue?: boolean;
    retry_max_delay?: number;
    connect_timeout?: number;
    max_attempts?: number;
    retry_unfulfilled_commands?: boolean;
    auth_pass?: string;
    password?: string;
    db?: string | number;
    family?: string;
    rename_commands?: { [command: string]: string } | null;
    tls?: any;
    prefix?: string;
    retry_strategy?: RetryStrategy;

You should pass a plain JavaScript object BTW, no need to call new ClientOpts. Example:

new colyseus.RedisPresence({
    // your Redis configs here

The data stored via the presence API is not disposed automatically. It's up to you when to remove them.

Thank you very much.
Your help gives me more confidence to keep going on. The scaling topic is all new to me, so every single explanation/example counts!