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About data when using Presence API

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    Hi, I read the thread but I'm unsure about what I understand.
    If we set data on Redis using:
    Will the data be lost when the Room is disposed?
    I think the data should be there until we manually delete it right?

    If the data is lost when the Room is disposed, but I want the cached data to be still available, should I create a stand alone Redis client, and use the raw Redis API to cache data?
    Please suggest... Any help is much appreciated! 😃

  • administrator

    Hi, @itoonom, welcome!

    If you're using Visual Studio Code, you can Right click + Go to definition (F12) on the RedisPresence, and redis.ClientOpts, which you'll see all accepted config values for RedisPresence constructor, which are:

    export interface ClientOpts {
        host?: string;
        port?: number;
        path?: string;
        url?: string;
        parser?: string;
        string_numbers?: boolean;
        return_buffers?: boolean;
        detect_buffers?: boolean;
        socket_keepalive?: boolean;
        no_ready_check?: boolean;
        enable_offline_queue?: boolean;
        retry_max_delay?: number;
        connect_timeout?: number;
        max_attempts?: number;
        retry_unfulfilled_commands?: boolean;
        auth_pass?: string;
        password?: string;
        db?: string | number;
        family?: string;
        rename_commands?: { [command: string]: string } | null;
        tls?: any;
        prefix?: string;
        retry_strategy?: RetryStrategy;

    You should pass a plain JavaScript object BTW, no need to call new ClientOpts. Example:

    new colyseus.RedisPresence({
        // your Redis configs here

  • administrator

    The data stored via the presence API is not disposed automatically. It's up to you when to remove them.

  • @endel
    Thank you very much.
    Your help gives me more confidence to keep going on. The scaling topic is all new to me, so every single explanation/example counts!


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