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run Colyseus on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

  • got the error:
    Error: Compilation of µWebSockets has failed and there is no pre-compiled binary available for your system. Please install a supported C++11 compiler and reinstall the module 'uws'


    • Windows 10 Version 1709 x64
    • Node 8.9.1
    • Visual Studio 2017
    • Visual Studio C++ core features
    • VC++ 2017 v141 toolset
    • Windows 10 SDK 10.0.14393.0
    • Universal CRT SDK

    also this tool:

    nothing help :(

    does anyone work on Win10?

  • after installing all this, run:
    npm rebuild uws

    I can't remember exactly what helped me from this list :) but after this command, I solved my issue after this line..

  • administrators

    From version 0.8.2 on, ws will be used as default WebSocket implementation, to avoid installation issues for first users. To use uws instead, install it as a dependency in your project (npm install uws). Cheers!

  • @endel thanks!