Online Word Chain Anroid & IOS(soon)


We recently published a mobile game that uses Colyseus as a communication layer between client and server. Unity was the framework that we used in client side.

Its google play link:

Our general impression towards the Colyseus is highly positive, although we needed some hack in some parts.

Here is the most prominent problem we faced ( not so important though)
client.close() does not trigger anything in client side and for the server side when room.close() is executed, thus we needed to send a message first that says the connection will be closed.

That's amazing @halilbilgin, thanks a lot for sharing! I've added your game to the showcase section on the website. Best of luck with your project!

I'd love to hear more about your experience in the client-side, since the Unity client is not so easy to use in comparison to JavaScript, due to the insane amount of typecasting necessary on C#.

client.close() does not trigger anything in client

It's likely that this one can be fixed. Unfortunately, the Unity client lacks some good care.

Also on a Unity based game with colyseus, is there any source to understand how to process every data that the server sends, it's a hell having to cast every parameter.