How to connect colyseus monitor In java script

app.use("/colyseus", monitor(gameServer));

cant use this

no sure what you mean under "connect in java script"
but to see monitor you need open in your browser: http://localhost:3553/colyseus/

@hardik_sl do you get any errors? You should be able to see the monitor when accessing the URL @AnubisCode mentioned, as you can see in the colyseus-examples project. (

@anubiscode i mean that if i use typescript then i can use this code to attach monitor ->
app.use("/colyseus", monitor(gameServer));

but if i use java script that will not work so any other way to attach monitor to game server??

Hi @hardik_sl, it should be the same in JavaScript, can you provide your source code that isn’t working? Cheers

@endel here the code

const http = require("http");
const express = require("express");
const monitor = require("@colyseus/monitor");
const colyseus = require("colyseus");
const GameRoom = require('./game_room');

const PORT = process.env.PORT || 3553;

const app = new express();
const gameServer = new colyseus.Server({
server: http.createServer(app)

// Register GameRoom as "table"
gameServer.register("table", GameRoom);

app.get("/something", function (req, res) {

//colyseus game server monitor panel
app.use("/colyseus", monitor(gameServer));

// Listen on specified PORT number

console.log("Running on ws://localhost:" + PORT);

@hardik_sl I see, here's what you should do differently:

const Monitor = require("@colyseus/monitor");

//colyseus game server monitor panel
app.use("/colyseus", Monitor.monitor(gameServer));

Hope this helps! Cheers

@endel Yay !! thats work Thanks.