Would you add Gideros SDK and Corona SDK support?

Since Colyseus supports Defold, would you be so kind to add support of Gideros SDK & Corona SDK?
Corona and Gideros have 90% similar Lua workflow (Gideros is more advanced, though less advertised).
Also, Gideros is officially recommended by Facebook Instant Games devteam: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/instant-games/compatible-engines

Thanks a lot guys!

I'd love to see the Defold client evolving to eventually support all major LUA platforms, such as the ones you suggested, and löve2d.

The problem currently is the platform-specifics of WebSocket implementations, basically. Defold has its own WebSocket client that works for them, CoronaSDK also has one made by the community - which AFAIK it doesn't work with binary data.

@Apollo144 do you know if Gideros have a WebSocket client?