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Would you add Gideros SDK and Corona SDK support?

  • Hi!
    Since Colyseus supports Defold, would you be so kind to add support of Gideros SDK & Corona SDK?
    Corona and Gideros have 90% similar Lua workflow (Gideros is more advanced, though less advertised).
    Also, Gideros is officially recommended by Facebook Instant Games devteam:

    Thanks a lot guys!

  • administrator

    I'd love to see the Defold client evolving to eventually support all major LUA platforms, such as the ones you suggested, and löve2d.

    The problem currently is the platform-specifics of WebSocket implementations, basically. Defold has its own WebSocket client that works for them, CoronaSDK also has one made by the community - which AFAIK it doesn't work with binary data.

    @Apollo144 do you know if Gideros have a WebSocket client?



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