Hey there,

The version 0.8.0 of the server and all clients have been released!

From now on, the minor version number of the server and clients should match for compatibility. Once the server has all the planned features to be considered 1.0.0, the major version should match for compatibility instead.

Changes on 0.8.0

  • Introduced authentication support. (See docs, #49, #110)
    • Introduced new verifyClient(client, options) step during user connection
  • Support for graceful shutting down clients and rooms (#107, #108)
  • The "bad checksum" error should be gone forever!
  • Using notepack.io instead of msgpack-lite, which is faster and supports toJSON on serialization level. (see discussion)


Special thanks to @seiyria and @oyed on this release, you guys rock <3