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Dose colyseus provide any api for determining turn ?

  • i want to make multiplayer playing card game so , is there any way to determine the turn or restrict players if it is not their turn. or i just have write my own logic??

  • administrator

    Hi @hardik_sl, it's up to you how to represent turns in the state. A common approach is to set the sessionId of the current player in a variable, like currentTurn:

    onInit () {
      this.state = { 
        players: {/* add players here when they join */},
        currentTurn: "" // sessionId of the current player
    onJoin(client, options) {
      this.state.players[client.sessionId] = {/* player data */}
    onMessage (client, data) {
      if (client.sessionId === this.state.currentTurn) {
        // perform your action
      } else {
        console.log("only the current active player can send messages this time")

  • Thanks @endel it is really helpfull


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