How to use @nosync in nodejs

Hi Guys

I am using Colyseus on javascript and saw in the document that you can add @nosync to a variable that you want private. I tried this and got an error in nodejs saying does not know @ symbol. I was wondering how you would do it and if any of you have already encountered and solved this problem ?

Thank you so much

Tyrus Shan

Hey @tyrus-shan,

If you're not using TypeScript, you can use nosync as a regular function, like this:

const nosync = require("colyseus").nosync;

class YourState {
  constructor () {
    this.privateProperty = "I won't be synched";
    nosync(this, 'privateProperty');

Hope this helps

Hi @endel
Thank you so much for the quick response

nosync(this, 'privateProperty');
--> using this causing the privateProperty to be undefined.
Is there anyone meeting the same problem, or there is just me :<

@quangthaiptit is the property initially set before you call nosync?