Issue with phaser tutorial

Hi, I've been following the Colyseus Phaser tutorial, my issue is in relation to step 7:

I am receive the error: TypeError: is not a function

My client side create():

	async create() {
		console.log("Joining room...");

		try { = await this.client.joinOrCreate("my_room");
			console.log("Joined Room");
		} catch (e) {
		} any, sessionId: any) => {
			// A player has joined!
			console.log("A player has joined! Their unique session id is", sessionId);

My server side RoomState:

// MyRoomState.ts
import { MapSchema, Schema, type } from "@colyseus/schema";

export class Player extends Schema {
  @type("number") x: number;
  @type("number") y: number;

export class MyRoomState extends Schema {
  @type({ map: Player }) players = new MapSchema<Player>();

And lastly (the relevant parts of) OnJoin:

  onJoin(client: Client, options: any) {
    console.log(client.sessionId, "joined");
    const mapWidth = 200;
    const mapHeight = 300;

    // create Player instance
    const player = new Player();

    // place Player at a random position
    player.x = (Math.random() * mapWidth);
    player.y = (Math.random() * mapHeight);

    // place player in the map of players by its sessionId
    // (client.sessionId is unique per connection!)
    this.state.players.set(client.sessionId, player);

Any guidance appreciated !

Hi @kayyos, please make sure to run the same version on the server and client, they both should be either 0.14 or 0.15.

Currently 0.15 is on preview, so you can fix this by installing 0.15@preview on the client-side:

npm install colyseus.js@preview --save

Hope this helps, cheers!

I can not believe I didn't noticed the version mismatch!

Updating both server and client to 0.15 has done the job.

Thankyou for your time