Hello! first of all, the classic: "Sorry for my english", now, the question:

I am trying to avoid as much as possible data updates from the server. In my game, I'd like to mark a field "position" of game entities in a manual way, some like "entity.pos.sendUpdate()". Because I don't need every position all the time, because th client can calculate by itself, but I need them to be present. Also, a nice feature also would be you can set a "patchRate" for a specifics schemas: Some examples I can think of

@type("number", patchRate= 500)
"updates this number every 500ms, or when you call sendUpdate() manually in the next inmediate main path upddte, and when the client first synchronization"

@type("number", pathRate: 0)
"only update manually and in the first state sync"

Sorry if there are sintax error, take that as a pseudocode, since Im currentry in the smartphone.

There might be a way to do that with the current version of colyseus, but I wasn't able to find it.

My best try was, to set 2 position attributes, one marked as "type" and not the other, so I can schedule manually the synchronization, but it becomes a mess quickly.

Some examples for games that don't need every update from the position of the player I can think of: Old School Runescape / Rucoy online (the server sends the calculated path but not every change of the player position) (well, I am almost sure)

Thanks in advance!