Colyseus Client for Godot Engine?

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@ashtonkase-cybrat-joe There's no client available yet for Godot. Probably in the future it will.

Need to learn some lessons from the C# client and improve the API on strictly typed languages. It's pretty annoying to cast data types all the time on C# now.

Thank you for the quick response,apologies for the flipped question.For some reason ios browser flipped it.

I think the best way to avoid such casts on godot is to implement it using GDScript (godot scripting language similar to python).
I will leave the thread open just in case anyone implements it in the future, but i will attempt to do this as websockets are now available on the godot engine out of the box(development version 3.1-dev).

That's great to hear! Didn't know they're having built-in support for WebSockets now!