Working turn-based minimal board game example? (solved)

Hi, thanks for your time looking at this.

I am looking for a working minimal example of a Colyseus turn-based game. I can't get any of the ones I've found here or online working as they all appear to be > 1 year old.

Are there any current ones out there?

The specific problem I'm having is understanding how to assign player colors/enforce turns in a game like chess or checkers. Player 1 should be "white" on joining the game, Player 2 should be "black" on joining the game, and should only be able to act if it is their turn.


Thanks @COCO - sorry, but this one doesn't work either. built with Defold for native and html5, throws a lot of errors.

any working examples?

Sorry, there're updates on Arena side, I'll get it running when I have free time.

Got it running @933459

please test it locally or,
upload it to an ssl web host, like


0_1657457089074_屏幕截图 2022-07-10 193705.jpg