patch-package and deployment(sovled)

Hello everyone!

I deployed my server code (written in TS and converted to JS via npm) to colyseus arena. The only problem is that Iam using patch-package to modify a npm package. Is there a way I can also use my modified packages from patch-package on deployment?


Hi @eddiwood, welcome!

That is a good question, afaik Arena does not currently support patching node_modules, I'm curious which package you're patching, and why?



we are building a card game with the help of a card library. As there are some features missing and we are just to lazy to write our own system we changed the library to our needs and then patched it with patch-package.

@eddiwood I actually thought a little bit about it and just forked the original repo, modified it and iam now using my forked version as a dependency.

So the issue is actually solved.