When starting a room via Unity i cant join it using colyseus.js? (SOLVED)

Im running the server locally, im connecting to this server using via Unity and starting a chat room and then i try to connect to this chatroom using colyseus.js. All using the 0.9.0 releases on git, only modyfing colyseus.js so it connects properly to localhost. No mather what im trying on the webpage it always returns "colyseus.js: server error: Cannot read property 'hlen' of undefined". If i dont start a chat in Unity but straight via js from the webpage everything works fine. What could this be?

Thanks for reporting, @thebspin. The problem was that the example of Unity was overriding the constructor. I've just updated the server (0.9.1) to avoid this situation. If you update everything will be fine.


No problem! The problem however still presist if you use the server from the Unity package if im not mistaken. You might want to update this one aswell?