SkyOffice - Immersive Virtual Office

Hi all,

As a personal project, I made SkyOffice - pretty much a Gather clone (office version), and I built it with Colyseus, React/Redux, Phaser, and WebRTC/PeerJS.

In SkyOffice, you can work “alongside” your colleagues. If you walk close to other players, a video call connection will be made (remember to allow the browser to access your webcam). The call will be ended when you are not close-by the player anymore. You can also use a “computer” in the game to share your screen! Two people can even share screen at the same time (pair sharing mode) if they are using the same computer.

GitHub link - Please leave a star if you like the project, feedback appreciated as well! :)
Website link - should work on all PC browsers, but mobile browsers are currently not supported.


Thank you!

It reminds me of Club Penguin.