API Development Tool

I'm looking for a tool like Insomnia or Hoppscotch to create api documentation and share it to other people who are working with me on Colyseus projects.
Do you know a software, website or a tool like this ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Akadream, there's no such thing currently, and I've never actually thought about this. I imagine this would be useful to bridge the gap between "server-side" and "client-side" developers, is it?

Yes, it's exactly the thing. I am working with a Unity developer and it's difficult to get a good documentation to use as a reference. So we have to do things with a word document which is not very useful because everything is not clean and we are doing some mistakes on each side of the developement. It's why a tool like Insomnia helping designing API documentation for example could be so much useful for all the project we have using Colyseus.