Cannot join room using Defold

I have created server with npm init colyseus-app ./my-colyseus-app and clientside with Client-side SDK/Installation/Defold Engine topic from documentation.

Client throws an error attempt to call method 'loop' (a nil value). It means that client object (which creates with is not nil, but not contains loop method. It may be due to connection error, but method MyRoom/onCreate on serverside is working. But MyRoom/onJoin is not. And callback of join_or_create on client side is not working (even with an error). No errors are displayed. NodeJS, Defold, Colyseus are fresh version.

Please help

Hi @gagarin-su, thanks for letting me know, the documentation hasn't been updated since the new Defold WebSocket extension has been introduced, the loop() call is not necessary anymore!

(I've removed that section from the docs!)