Colyseus Proxy - server selection principle

Hi, I did scaling with a 2 processes for the test using Redis precense and Mongo driver.
What is the principle of choosing a server when a user connecting a proxy? As far as I saw, there is no rooms count information inside "colyseus:nodes" redis set. How is the process load determined when choosing a game server?
Could you describe in more detail how the proxy server works.


Hi @kukuts, glad you're trying out the proxy. At the moment the proxy is going to distribute the load equally between available servers via round-robin. Currently, there is no fancy distribution based on CPU load, number of spawned rooms, or anything like that.

So a "new room" request can end up being forwarded to a node that's already quite busy. I believe the current node discovery structure can evolve for a more mature/fancy way of distribution in the future.