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    Hello everyone!

    Me, @AnubisCode and his brother Stanislav (artist and animator) wanted to make a multiplayer game in a "game jam" style. Initially, we wanted the game to be super simple and finished within a month of work. We've got the first prototype in a few weeks, and it didn't meet our expectations. Then we decided to change the game entirely. In the end, we spent around 2 months (+3 months of pause) to make a quite polished version of it 😅

    We're glad to finally announce the first playable version of! The game is inspired by Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium Minigames, and such. We have 5 mini-games implemented so far:

    Gameplay video:

    Playable link:

    We're using Defold for the client-side :)

    Feedback is very welcome! Also if you have any questions, let us know! 🤗


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