Raspberry PI and Colyseus ( and Haxe)

neko compiled with no problem but haxe puked during make. Likely the differince in Armbian vs Raspbian distros but I had to install camlp4o (sudo apt-get install camlp4-extra). Haxe installed fine afterwords. Working on the rest now...

currently stuck with the following error when running haxe server.hxml

/usr/lib/haxe/lib/tink_core/1,24,0/src/tink/core/Error.hx:116: characters 9-21 : Class<Std> has no field downcast
src/MainServer.hx:3: characters 8-30 : Type not found : colyseus.server.Server

what does ' haxelib list ' show?

I had to use a mix of steps ( haxelib install and copying files) before haxe server.hxml could find all types.

~/colyseus-hxjs-examples$ haxelib list
colyseus-hxjs: [git] haxelib.json src extraParams.hxml README.md
hxnodejs: [10.0.0]
tink_core: [1.24.0]
tink_lang: [0.6.2]
tink_macro: [0.17.7]
tink_priority: [0.1.4]
tink_syntaxhub: [0.4.3]

Hmm that is a strange output of haxelib list on colyseus-hxjs

From memory (I don't have access to it now since I'm at work) the colyseus-hxjs should only have one version behind it :
colyseus-hxjs: [git]

this was used to tell haxelib what version it should use:
echo "git" > /usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus-hxjs/.current

what is the contents of your .current file?!

Maybe you just edit the /usr/lib/haxe/lib/ (or your own haxelib path) /colyseus-hxjs/.current and make sure it only has the git in it?!

@mdotedot said in Raspberry PI and Colyseus ( and Haxe):

... /usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus-hxjs/.current

'/usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus-hxjs/.current' has one line with the contents of 'git'. Interestingly, haxelib.json src extraParams.hxml README.md is the directory contents at /usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus-hxjs/.

~/colyseus-hxjs-examples$ ls /usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus-hxjs/
extraParams.hxml  git  haxelib.json  README.md  src

Unfortunately I can't confirm now on my system, but you might try to move the contents of that hxjs directory to the [git] (or copy)
So that /usr/lib/haxe/lib/colyseus/-hxjs/git has the src, haxelib.json, README.md and extraParams.hxml

And then try again haxe server.hxml

That did it, however, I now get the following errors

~/colyseus-hxjs-examples$ haxe server.hxml
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/tink_core/1,24,0/src/tink/core/Error.hx:116: characters 9-21 : Class<Std> has no field downcast
src/server/rooms/StateHandlerRoom.hx:5: characters 1-51 : Module colyseus.server.schema.Schema does not define type MapSchemaUtil
src/server/rooms/StateHandlerRoom.hx:5: characters 1-51 : For function argument 'handler'
src/MainServer.hx:7: lines 7-41 : Defined in this class

Not sure if you are mixing libraries. The stuff that I rely on is from serjek and was based on 0.10 release. There is now a 0.11 release so I hope you didn't load any of that?!

From my setup:

root@raspberrypi:~/colyseus-hxjs-examples# haxe -version


root@raspberrypi:~/colyseus-hxjs-examples# haxelib list

colyseus-hxjs: [git]
hxnodejs: [10.0.0]
tink_core: [1.23.0]
tink_lang: [0.6.2]
tink_macro: [0.17.7]
tink_priority: [0.1.4]
tink_syntaxhub: [0.4.3]

root@raspberrypi:~/colyseus-hxjs-examples# cat src/colyseus/server/schema/Schema.hx | grep MapSchemaUtil

class MapSchemaUtil {

Your tink_core is different than mine. Don't know if that is the only thing that is different?