Questions about rooms

Is it possible to join two or more rooms together? The situation is the following: all clients join room A (and should stay there the entire time, until the app is closed). Then, if a player wants to start a match, its client will enter also room B. The problem is that when I do - with colyseus-defold - room_b:leave(), this causes the client to leave room A as well. Is it the normal behaviour or is there something wrong?

hi @emarkk, can you provide a reproducible example? I haven't experienced this issue before. You should be able to join as many rooms as you like and leave them one by one as well.

apparently it was due to the websocket disconnecting. it happens every time a "normal" request is sent (like performing an http get request or loading an ad). for now I am just forcing the websocket to reconnect, but maybe a simpler way exists.