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Questions about rooms

  • Is it possible to join two or more rooms together? The situation is the following: all clients join room A (and should stay there the entire time, until the app is closed). Then, if a player wants to start a match, its client will enter also room B. The problem is that when I do - with colyseus-defold - room_b:leave(), this causes the client to leave room A as well. Is it the normal behaviour or is there something wrong?

  • administrator

    hi @emarkk, can you provide a reproducible example? I haven't experienced this issue before. You should be able to join as many rooms as you like and leave them one by one as well.

  • apparently it was due to the websocket disconnecting. it happens every time a "normal" request is sent (like performing an http get request or loading an ad). for now I am just forcing the websocket to reconnect, but maybe a simpler way exists.


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