Colyseus Java / Android Client


I've been working with Colyseus for a couple of months now and made a trick-based card game (Hokm) for Android/iOS/Web with it using JavaScript for the Client.The iOS version download hits is reaching 10K times now in my country and the server is handling about 1500 online users every day.I have plans to do much bigger projects with it in the future.

Actually I'm not able to help the project with money since I live in Iran so I decided to do a little contribution with code (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Here's the project I was working on for a few days.This is a Colyseus client for Java / Android that is implemented based on colyseus-unity3d and colyseus.js clients.

Github : Colyseus-Java

FossilDelta and StateContainer are written completely in Java
For websocket connection I used Java-WebSocket
MessagePack decoding is done by the MessagePack for Java

And I also made a simple game using libgdx just to show how to work with it.

wow, that's insane @doorbash 👏👏👏
thanks a lot for sharing!

@doorbash can you share server requirements/setting needed to accomodate around 2k ccu? thanks

can you share server requireme