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Unity3d Send Data through Component

  • Hi there,

    i am using Unity3D for client and i have realy big trouble with sending data throught some Components.
    For example in the scene root i have ColyseusClient object with script where i am creating room etc (like in example).

    Then i have Player gameobject with some component e.q. SendMovePosition Component.

    1. How to send message through this SendMovePosition Component (how to use Colyseus Room there)?
      I cant make Room instance static inside ColyseusClient.
    2. How to pack data to json via Unity3d? Right now i had this idea to pack this manualy like
    (string.Format(@"{""test"":""value"", ""x"": ""{0}"", ""y"": ""{1}""}", hit.point.x, hit.point.z));

    but is there any other (build-in) option?

    Hope you will help me because i really want to understand this!

  • administrator

    @halome you usually won't bother about serializing the data.

    You can send the raw data to the room like this:

    // Client-side
    room.Send(new { command = "move", x = 1, y = 2 });

    From the server-side, inside the onMessage, you can use the command to update your room state.

    // Server-side
    // ...
    onMessage (client, data) {
        if (data.command == "move") {
            console.log("let's move to", data.x, data.y);
            // TODO: update this.state using data.x / data.y
    // ...

    You can listen to any attribute change in the state of the server from the client-side through room.Listen("path/to/your/attribute", this.YourChangeCallback).

    The mindset is usually like this:

    • Client send a message to the server, as a request to update the state
    • State is updated inside onMessage callback
    • The updated attributes in the state arrive to all connected clients in the next patch tick
    • The client applies the change via room.Listen (which contains the single attribute changed) or room.OnUpdate (which contains the whole state from the server)

    Hope this helps,


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