client dont have session id when join with room id

i have 2 client, client 1 join use code: client.join("chat");
client 2 get available room, client 2 join use code: client.join(room_id);
client 1 have session id on server, but client dont have a session id
how to fix?

show what you see in logs:

onJoin (client, options) {
console.log(, client.sessionId);

This is my log:
+Client 1 join by room "chat":
onJoin - clientId:77PVXQ9YI ssId:b9qJ3wBfy
+Client 2 join by room id which created by client 1:
onJoin - clientId:77PVXQ9YI ssId:undefined

Hi @jack1604, welcome!

Sorry, this was a bug introduced on the latest build, this has just been fixed on 0.9.24. Please upgrade, and you should be fine!

Cheers, happy holidays!