clock.setInterval deltaTime

Hi, I'm currently using this.clock.setInterval to compute some time based positions.
For that task I need the deltaTime within the interval scope (not the room.setSimulationInterval scope).

Right now I'm computing the deltaTime on my own:

var timestamp = this.clock.currentTime;
this.clock.setInterval(function() {
    const delta = this.clock.currentTime - timestamp;

    //event tough refresh rate is set to 2000, the deltaTime is between about 1983 and 2013 
    [...] //code

    timestamp = this.clock.currentTime;
}, 2000);

It would be nice to get the local deltaTime passed in by the setInterval closure just like in room.setSimulationInterval:

this.clock.setInterval(function(**deltaTime**) { 
    [...] //code
}, 2000);

Are there any other suggestions how to get the deltaTime within a local setInterval?

Hi @RobinFalko,

The clock instance already have a deltaTime property which updates at every tick. See clock's public properties here:

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Hi endel, thanks for your reply.
You're right but the delta time is computed for the tick of room.setSimulationInterval, not clock.setInterval if I understood that correctly.


//clock.start() is called indirectly and ticking starts:
this.setSimulationInterval(deltaTime => {
            [...] //let's say deltaTime is about 15

this.clock.setInterval(function() { 
    //the deltaTime of this closure should be about 2000
    //but instead this.clock.deltaTime is about 15 since it's computed at the tick of setSimulationInterval
}, 2000);

So each setInterval should have its own deltaTime since it has its own refresh rate.