How to force patch, since patching is done on patch interval

I have a patch rate set at 60fps => this.setPatchRate(16.6) on Room. This is working all well until i have a state delta that's less than 16.6.

class Actions {
  constructor(clock) { = []
    nonEnumerable(this, 'clock', clock)

  addSpell(type, position, opt = {}) {
    const { duration = 0 } = opt
    const uuid = uuidv1()
    const action = { type: ACTION_SPELL, position, uuid }
    if (duration >= 0) {
      this.clock.setTimeout(() => {
        const index = => a.uuid === uuid)
        if (~index), 1)
      }, duration) // duration much more than 16.6 work, but i'd like to use durations like 0.

Not sure if it's a specific business logic for my case, or there might be a proper way to do this. Another way to overcome this is to have the client deleting this from the array, after it has read it. Or to store an end time, with both client and server having a synchronised time, and then cleaning it up automatically on the server side well after the end time.

Hi @holyxiaoxin, it looks like this.broadcast() would be better on this case. Then the message is broadcasted instantly. You can retrieve the message using the room.onMessage signal from the client-side.